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Tiffany Madru


Tiffany, the Founder of Analytics Labs, pioneers cannabis testing and brings diverse expertise from the aerospace & defense industry to the forefront of the cannabis sector.

Tiffany Madru<br />
Founder & Owner<br />
Analytics Labs<br />
Holyoke, MA
Full Bio

Tiffany is a dedicated entrepreneur and the visionary Founder of Analytics Labs, where she leads with passion and purpose in the dynamic field of cannabis testing. Her journey into the cannabis industry has been marked by a commitment to elevating education and standards, ensuring the safety and quality of cannabis products for consumers everywhere.

Before embarking on her cannabis industry venture, Tiffany honed her skills in business development within the aerospace & defense sector, demonstrating her ability to excel in highly regulated and technical environments. Her experience from this diverse background has been instrumental in reshaping the landscape of cannabis testing, bringing innovative solutions and industry standards to the forefront.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Tiffany finds solace and balance in maintaining an active lifestyle. She is an avid fitness enthusiast, dedicating time to personal wellness and well-being. Her values extend to her family, where she cherishes quality time and moments with her loved ones.

One piece of invaluable advice that Tiffany imparts to those considering a journey into the burgeoning cannabis industry is, “Just like any career path, there are ups and downs and roads more and less traveled. The industry is still so young, and the road isn’t paved, but we are paving the way, and when we look back, it’s going to be an incredible view.” Tiffany’s visionary leadership and dedication to excellence make her a driving force in the evolution of the cannabis sector, ensuring a brighter and safer future for all involved.